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Say no to booze, or yes to fake vodka tonic

January 25th, 2011 1 comment

If you really want to lose weight try avoiding alcoholic drinks. Here’s why..

Lets say you consume 2 glasses (10 oz) of wine is aprox 250 calories and a small dinner (500 calories). Your body will first burn off the alcohol calories. If you don’t burn more than 250 calories before you go off to bed, you’ll haveĀ an extra 500 calories of unused energy, which will partially be used and the rest sent to fat storage. Beer and straight liquor is worst. Each shot of rum/vodka is aprox 100 calories. Fruity drinks are just sugar and straight alcohol, which will take longer to burn. If you have to drink, just keep it to the weekends. Another good tip is to drink a cup of water after every drink, tell the bartender to add some lime and tell everyone its a vodka tonic.

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