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Yes Honey you are healthy

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Does honey do anything for our fitness and health?

Yes it does!, honey has antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antifungal, antibacterial and prebiotic properties.

However, many studies use substantial amounts of honey,  (like 50 to 80 grams/day, which supplies 40-65 grams of sugar).

Luckily, we can also derive health benefits from topically applied honey.

When comparing sweetener intake in rodents, honey appears to be less harmful than others (notice we said “less harmful” – because lots of any sweetener consumption tends to be harmful).


Honey can stimulate tissue growth, collagen and new blood vessels in wounds.  It can also absorb moisture and fend off microbes.  The antibacterial action of honey might be attributable to sugars, low moisture, gluconic acid (which creates an acidic environment), and hydrogen peroxide.  Nitric oxide end products in honey might also be useful.


Ingesting pure honey with traces of pollen may help build a better tolerance to local airborne allergens.

Sore throat & cough

Honey is said to soothe the throat and ease congestion.  A large review concluded that honey is better than no treatment for acute cough symptoms, and sometimes as good as commercial cough syrups.

Gastrointestinal illness

Honey may relieve indigestion and other GI ailments, helping to destroy bad bacteria in the gut. It may also help to protect against gastric ulcers.

Workout recovery

Honey appears to act like other forms of rapidly digesting carbohydrates when it comes to athletic performance, recovery and promoting muscle growth.  Honey has about the same amount of fructose as high fructose corn syrup and less than agave nectar (different varieties of honey vary slightly in their fructose content).

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